Nick Moore hails from the great furniture-town of High Wycombe, England where the Windsor chair was born. He became fascinated by woodwork at school, before studying Furniture Production and Management at Buckinghamshire Chiltern University. Over the next six years, he gained professional experience in restoration and upholstery. Nick travelled to Canada in 2005, enrolling at the Rosewood School of Fine Woodworking, 40 kilometres west of Ottawa. He soon began designing and building commission pieces for clients home and abroad.

Nick and his wife Hilary manage a 100 acre organic farm in Lanark, Ontario. He divides his time seasonally between farming and working at Rosewood’s studio as their ‘resident craftsman’. Nick also repairs and restores furniture, using the process to reveal how pieces were originally conceived and constructed.

Fundamental to Nick’s commissioned projects are hand tools, carefully selected hardwoods and precious veneers. His philosophy marries time honoured craftmanship with modern design.

"I believe we live in exciting times as furniture makers. New technologies are providing us with innovative ways of pushing design boundaries, and, coupled with hand skills taught to the highest tolerance, we should have every confidence in succeeding."

Nick working at Rosewood Studio